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T-Inox Global Trading,   we  are  a  team  of expert   consultants  with  over  25  years combined industry experience in Accounting, Taxation, Business Research and Management Consulting Services.

The firm has an unbeatable track record of helping small businesses from start-up stage to become corporate giants.



As Consultants, we understand that our main purpose of being in business is to satisfy the needs of our clients. In view of this, we employ all our expertise and knowledge to deliver for our clients.In addition we adjust our working hours and place to suit that of our clients.We also understand that time is key,so our delivery is timely.

The team  also  has   industry   experience   in  Oil &  Gas   Support Services, Exports and Imports, Banking, Farming, Water Production,   Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing,   Wood Processing, Agro- Processing, Roads Construction,  Real Estates  and   business   support services.
Do you intent to do business in Ghana or Togo?, or already doing business in Ghana?, then contact the experts, we are your partners for business progress.


With T-Inox Global Trading, you get the best value for your money.

Network People, in all countries where we operate are the fundamental element of our network, and are the largest asset we have today. While they are practiced at all aspects of sourcing, procurement, marketing, sales, quality assurance, shipping, it is the teamwork which makes it possible for us to present ourselves in the market as a single, fully integrated specialist which provides the demanding level of service required in the fast-moving modern national and international markets.

Mission Statement

We are committed to providing one-stop supply solutions, based on our expertise and experiences in product sourcing, our insight of latest market development and industry trend, our comprehensive technical supports and quality assurance program, and wide range of added-value services, to help customers weather through market uncertainty and challenges, and even deliver beyond their expectations.

Core Values

  • Honesty, integrity

  • Relentlessly searching for innovative solutions

  • Fairness in seeking long term interests for all stake holders

  • Team work

  • We believe that competitive pricing, on-time delivery and understanding our customers' needs are fundamental to our success



    About Us

    T-Inox Global Trading provides expert consulting services in the field of accounting , taxation , business research and management consulting.

    Contact Us

    • TOGO
      Rue du Chemin de Fer face ETOCOTRAN
      Lome - Togo Republic
      Telephone: +228 998 828 03

      No 107 5th Crescent
      Asylum Down
      Accra. Po Box GP18843

      Telephone: +233 54 863 0212 Email: tinoxglobalsarl@yahoo.com enquiry@tinoxglobaltrading.com

    As Consultants,we place our clients' needs first so we adjust our hours and place of business to suit that of our clients.We shall be at your service within agreed hours.